Donna Wilke

Donna Wilke
  • Title: Escrow Officer

  • E-mail:

  • Phone: 714-465-3378

  • Location: 17822 17th St. #104 Tustin, CA 92870

  • Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am-5pm

When you work in the escrow industry for nearly a quarter century, you know a thing or two about the escrow process. You also know that you’ve found your calling, you’ve found a job you’re passionate about. That exactly describes Donna Wilke, an Escrow Officer for Honor Escrow since 2016.

Exhaustive Knowledge of the Escrow Process

“I know the escrow process from A to Z, top to bottom,” explains Donna. “My role at Honor Escrow is exactly that, handling a file from A to Z.” Donna’s role involves opening the escrow and title processes, prepare escrow instructions, review all documents and prepare loan documents for the buyer to sign. “It’s a step-by-step process,” says Wilke. “I verify that all parties have completed their obligations, and when we hit the finish line where we record the Grant Deed in the new buyer’s name, it’s a great feeling for me, my team, and obviously for the new owners of the home.”

The Rush of Helping Home Buyers

Wilke loves working with first time buyers, she feeds off their energy and excitement about buying their very first home. “I think owning a home is the most important and biggest investment that you can make,” she notes.

Why Great Customer Service is Crucial to Success

Donna also likes serving two customers in the escrow process, both agents and the buyers/sellers. For her, communication is the key for both sides of the equation. “I know that if we don’t provide the highest level of customer service for the agent, keeping them apprised every step of the way, that agent may not come back to us,” she says. For the buyers and sellers, Wilke notes that flexibility and attention to their needs are key, such as accommodating busy schedules and getting loan documents signed at 6:30 am or 10 pm at night, whatever it takes.

A Great Team Dynamic

Donna loves the dynamic in the offices of Honor Escrow. “Our team has many different levels of experience,” she explains. “One moment I’m teaching someone one of the nuances of the process or helping them solve a complicated issue, and the next moment a fellow team member is sharing an insight to help me solve a problematic aspect of one of my files.”

Personal Pastimes

When Donna isn’t focused on the escrows she has in process, she loves to relax old school by going bowling. “I’ve always enjoyed bowling and love to go when I have a chance,” she says. Another way she relaxes is going to the river and jumping on her Seadoos. “That’s a new hobby for me,” she states, “and the great thing is that relaxes you and gets the adrenaline going!”

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