Sheraine Pelt

Sheraine Pelt
  • Title: Escrow Officer

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  • Phone: 714-465-3346

  • Location: 17822 17th St. #104 Tustin, CA 92870

  • Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am-5pm

Escrow Officer

One common trait of people who excel in sports, the arts or in business is that they tend to be “students of the game.” That is, they are constantly evaluating each performance and searching for ways they can do better the next game, next painting, or in the case of Sheraine Pelt, the next escrow she oversees.

Developing and Maintaining Best Practices

As Escrow Officer for Honor Escrow, the key to her success and the respect she garners from all the different people involved in an escrow is exactly this how can we do it better next time around mindset. “I am constantly working to understand how and what serves our clients best,” Sheraine explains. “I am a big believer in developing and maintaining best practices.”

For Sheraine, who handles all aspects of each transaction, as well as being responsible for internal auditing of files and banking, there are so many aspects and details she monitors and then evaluates how she and her team performed. “The Agents I work with have very high expectations, and I am always striving to meet or exceed their requirements,” she explains. “I want to help make a difference, do what needs to be done and do it well.”

The Trust Factor

For Sheraine, a successful close of escrow is when the agents they serve tell her that she and her team made their job easier. “I love it when the agents we serve say they trust us and they know we will always take care of their transactions (and their clients) no matter what may happen,” she says. “That trust is the key to our sterling reputation in the industry.”

Find What You Love and You Will Find Happiness in Life

A self-admitted workaholic, when Sheraine does find time to relax, it’s usually spending time with her two adult children. Key to her success in life is her philosophy that you should strive to always love what you are doing. “I don’t mean just work,” she explains, “but every activity, such as cooking, cleaning, spending time with friends and family. Add some love to it all and that ups the happiness factor in your day-to-day life.”

People Are Surprised to Learn This About Sheraine
Besides spending time with family and friends, Sheraine finds enjoyment listening to BBC radio and watching PBS. “I know, I am boring,” she laughs. People also tend to be surprised that at one time in her life, Sheraine was a second degree black belt. “I look like your average Mom,” she laughs, “so people are surprised to learn that I achieved this level in the martial arts.”

Health and Nutrition Focus
Good health and nutrition are other important topics Sheraine is interested in. She is currently reading about plant-based proteins and nutrition. “I have dozens of books touting the health benefits of high protein, low carb lifestyles where meat is always on the menu,” she says. “I’m intrigued with exploring plant-based alternatives at the moment.”


“As a successful agent, I can tell you are only as good as your escrow company and officer. To that end, Sheraine Pelt and the Honor Escrow team are as good as they come and I cannot imagine doing my business without them. They are efficient, communicative, hard-working, and willing to do whatever it takes to meet everyone’s expectations. Thank you Honor Escrow!”
-Kevin Shuler, KW N. Tustin Agent

"Where do I start with how fantastic Sheraine is. Sheraine is so on top of things, she will go out of her way to call you after hours to make sure things get done in a timely manner. Escrow timelines are no joke and she makes every effort to make sure everything is done correctly. I appreciate that she will provide education when I don't understand something which has helped me better guide my clients. I appreciate Sheraine and everyone at Honor Escrow; their hard work does not go unnoticed!"
-Alyssa Barajas, KW N. Tustin Agent

"Sheraine Pelt is an amazing Escrow Officer. She keeps you informed and goes above and beyond to ensure clients are serviced and questions answered. Her experience is beyond compare and is so necessary in complex transactions! Love working with her."
-Kim Wells, N. Tustin KW Agent

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